You have the right to return products you purchased and ask for a replacement in the following cases:

  1. a) in all cases where there is a demonstrable fault of sold the wrong products or poor quality and faulty (wrong in taking the order, the pricing, the shipping , damaged during shipping , poor packaging, etc. . )
  2. b) in all cases where there was a problem / real defect in the product (function or quality)
    In all these cases , the customer has the choice either from the outset not to accept receipt of the product or, after delivery, return the product within 2 days from the day of delivery.

In each case, the products must be returned in perfect condition, in the condition received by the customer, complete and undamaged as well as the packaging of the product that normally accompanies the product is in excellent condition. If not returned within 2 days then cannot accept any refund or replacement. In any case, for all the above cases the maximum time for replacement back may not be extended beyond the two (2) calendar days from the date of receipt.

In any case, the refund and replacement is possible under the following conditions:

  • Contact the same day or next working day with the online store
  • The product has not been used
  • The product is accompanied by all necessary documents proving the transaction (eg receipt, invoice, delivery documents with client’s complaint comments etc)